A Surprising Gift From An Old Alumnus Of Etiwanda High School!

The Etiwanda High School Library Supporters have been working hard over the last few months to obtain support and donations to keep the high school library open, and we are proud to announce that after a long and painful journey, our prayers have been answered by a small towing company out of Terre Haute, Indiana: Terre Haute Towing Services ( terrehautetowingservice.com)

Late last year we were shocked with the news that the local school board was considering removing the library from Etiwanda High School in order to replace it with new modulars for outdoor classrooms. The plan was met with considerable opposition, although it did have a fair share of supporters.


On the side of the supporters, it’s said that the addition of the modulars would provide more space for extra classrooms, and add the ability to hire on more staff, which boosts the local economy.

On the side of the opposition, the Etiwanda High School Library Supporters, in particular, believe that it is far more important to preserve the library and all of the knowledge contained within the many books on its shelves.

The additional classrooms that the board is wanting to implement aren’t necessary as there are plenty of classrooms as is, and not one classroom in the high school can be deemed as overcrowded.

What the issue really boiled down to after a thorough examination, was lack of funding for the library, and a financial supporter for the modulars. This is when the Etiwanda High School Library Supporters enacted a plan to gather supporters and donations for keeping the library intact and right where it is.

The process was painstaking at first; only gaining support without the monetary donations they really needed…that was, until a former Etiwanda High student, now a professional tow truck driver with Terre Haute Towing Services, caught wind of the story, recalled his memories in that library when he was a child, and made a donation covering the full amount necessary to keep the library intact.

The act of kindness to this extent was greatly unexpected, but supremely appreciated, and ultimately kept a library filled with knowledge and stories standing where it belongs.